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Suzhou REMO Packaging technology co., LTD is a well-known cosmetic brush class packaging materials suppliers, mainly engaged in cosmetic brush packaging design, processing and manufacturing. Products cover: separate liquid eyeliner (patent products), direct liquid eyeliner, rotating the plastic plane pen, pen, all airtight type automatic pen, lipstick, lip gloss pen pen, very fine eyeliner, implement to "die - make-up pens r&d and manufacturing experts" as the core strategic target, fully meet customer product customization requirement. Company products are exported to at home and abroad, by the broad masses of customer recognition, in the future development planning, the company is committed to with customers to jointly develop new products, improvement in new materials, the scientific design, humanization aspects such as positive.

Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, strives for perfection" the management idea, in line with "all rivers run into sea, to make the best use of" talent of the enterprise, carries out industry talents, create brilliant. Rui mode to "become the most concern, respect, and the world in the same industry leading enterprise" for the enterprise vision; Adhere to the "integrity, passion, responsibility, fusion" spirit of enterprise; Stick to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" business philosophy, and strive to achieve "quality to create the legend, the good faith achievement future" enterprise dream!!!!!

REMO with the faith of "the most, the most reliable quality, perfect service", to establish a stable cooperation relationship with customers, sales network has spread all over the country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Europe and other regions, has entered into the advanced ranks of China's cosmetic brush type packaging production.

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